Optima is heavy duty high quality, resilient, flexible and highly durable marble PVC Flooring. It is designed to withstand high traffic and abrasion. This product has a unique marbling pattern that adds to the aesthetics of the area where they are installed as it is produced having one base color and two contrast colors used for marbling by a special hot granulation process which is unique in nature.

Salient Features:

  • Specially formulated high abrasion resistant wear layer which makes it “P ‘ rated
  • Superior shock absorbing cushion base layer
  • These floorings are Glass Fiber Tissue (GFT) reinforced for dimensional stability & strength
  • The product is suitable to heavy traffic areas
  • PUR can be provided against specific orders
  • Optima flooring is recommended for indoor use only
  • Application areas: sports courts , fitness centre, Schools, Yoga centers, hospitality, etc.


  • Thickness: 1.3 mm.
  • Roll Width: 2 linear mtr.
  • Roll Length: 20 linear mtr.


Please read the following instructions carefully


  • After laying of flooring, the surface should be clean daily with damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with soap solution.
  • Prevent point load indentation by covering your furniture legs with rubber stopper caps
  • To remove stubborn stains, rub the affected area immediately with a soft coir brush or fine steel wool soaked in a warm soap solution
  • Scuff marks on the floor can be removed with little application of diesel
  • Use door coir or suitable mats to minimize accumulation of dust on Gem flooring
  • Use water to remove any chemical spill on flooring


  • Do not use any strong detergent, harsh cleaning agent or dry steel wool
  • Throwing of lighted cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor should be avoided as it could lead to burn marks on the floor
  • Do not drag any heavy object or furniture on the flooring to avoid scratches on the floor

Available Shades